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Green Team Europe

Green Team Europe

Green Team is Europe’s leading supplier of high-quality, sustainable Christmas trees.

We are proud farmers of Christmas trees and Europe’s leading Christmas tree supplier  and Europe’s most responsible large producer of Christmas trees.

We punctually deliver high-end, sustainable Christmas trees all over Europe at a fair price, and we think of this task as a privilege.

We get to have a little Christmas all year, and once a year we get to spread the joy. We deliver the part of Christmas that’s nature. An important part, which must be treated with respect and recognized for its importance in all of our lives.

“As little as possible” is our approach. We planted as few trees as possible on all parameters without compromising quality. That means, to take just one large example, carefully testing, analyzing and selecting our land for plantations, looking for light sandy soils with a low tendency to weeds. But it also means, to a lesser extent, the use of biofuels and bio-oils in our chainsaws. We strive to reduce fertilizer use and try to use natural fertilizers whenever it is economically feasible. Often, fertilizer is not necessary for the production itself, but affects the color of the Christmas tree by deepening the green color, which many find attractive. We are investigating whether this property can be maintained by using natural fertilizers such as those from chickens. See our CSR



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